July 20, 2006

Logos / Corporate Identity - Some of the logos that I have done in the past for my clients.

Posters / Layouts - Some posters and layouts for print advertising.

Artworks - Heres a preview of my latest masterpiece entitled Recolor - Repaint Life. You can view the larger version and my other artworks ( some having the source .png files ) in my deviantart account.

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In case you are interested in my designs or you wish to hire me for some freelance projects , pls visit my website here


ABOUT ME ~ Blue2x

A bachelor of arts graduate in Human Resource Development and an associate in Health Science Education.

An avid freelance graphic designer since 2002. Specializing in logos, layouts , digital art , multimedia presentations.

A multifaceted individual , with various interests like farming , art , games , music , sports , fashion , literature and even more.

Commited , innovative , creative , self motivated , a teamplayer , dynamic and task oriented best describes me during work.