This tutorial seeks to explain how to create these cool starburst light effects , they can be used in interfaces and backgrounds. Older versions of fireworks might not be able to recreate the effect. Always remember that this effect best looks on a black canvas or background. To download the source file , pls click here

1.) We must create a circle with a radial fill. Change the edge from Anti-alias to Feather. Feather it to 22. For the gradients color , we use light & dark green, and black. The object size here doesnt matter that much so that means it depends on what size you want.

2.) Then we must create another circle with a CONE fill. All you need to do is add more colors and allign the color handlers properly.Feather it to 24. By default , the cone fill only has two colors ,if we click on the space between then, or near the color handlers, it automatically adds another handler. Then change the colors, you can add as many as you like, just be sure to adjust them properly to make them proportioned.

3.) The last step would be changing the layer mode of the cone fill from Normal to Stamp.

But wait ! , how bout tweaking the effect a bit ?

Manipulating the color handler , moving it to different directions, streching it allows you to make something different. You could also apply curves or hue/saturation filter effect to the object

Some other examples with adding different techniques.