July 26, 2006

Fireworks Tutorials

New ~ smooth corners ~ learn how to smoothen your corners on your vector objects. It involves a technique called " switching " from vector to bitmap , then bitmap to vector mode.

New ~ torn paper effect ~ create a torn paper live effect using the Alien Skin Splat - Edges Plugin

~ artificial rain ~ a nice rain trick for your photographs and other designs.

~ 3d frame glow ~ a nice effect to be used in your interfaces / borders

~ lufurticous guide ~ 5 different designs into one, discussions on the fireworks techniques that I have used on creating the lufurticous artwork.

~ starburst light effect ~ create a starburst light effect for your backgrounds



More content will be added here soon. =)

New Fireworks Tutorials


my deviantart portfolio - this is where i post my latest digital works , photographs and other conceptual designs. Deviantart is a huge community for artists of all sorts. If you're an art appreciator or an artist , then this site is for you.

fireworkszone - A huge collection of fireworks tutorials, downloads and articles . Be sure to check the news and links section, which is frequently updated.

fireworksguruforum - ask questions and you shall receive answers !. plus they have tutorials, fw articles, and a cool gallery section as well.

adobe - the official website of adobe fireworks, check out the software updates and the adobe fireworks forum.

ultraweaver - an ultra hip fireworks site with lots of downloadble goodies, check out the fireworks section of the forums.


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