February 28, 2008

I have a bought a new domain , and my works are not posted in http://www.blue2x.com/ , I will still keep this site for the tutorials that are posted , thanks !


Reborn. Is the best word to describe this website , after three years of absence, I finally decided to pick up where I left and start it all over again , (and right about time to make a new one !) A lot has changed since then , I have learned some new digital art techniques which I am willing to show you , and have done numerous design jobs over the years. This site serves as my own personal reflection in digital art. Seeking to inspire and educate , the people who use Adobe Fireworks , not just for web use , but also a tool to interpret the artistry of human conception into a true digital form.

The tutorial section will teach you some useful techniques on achieving cool special effects that are not usually found on other websites. Check my portfolio to view my works and to know more about me , if ever you wish to contact me ( freelance projects , heheh need some commissions ). And finally, please leave something in the guestbook, a few words would do , your feedback is important to and will allow me to be motivated on achieving magis. This website was made using Adobe Fireworks and Dreamweaver. Thank you and enjoy viewing my website.

About Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks is a program capable of both editing vector and bitmap graphics. It is the definitive solution for professional web graphics design and production. It is also the first production environment to address and solve the special challenges facing web graphics designers and developers.

A powerhouse of design features , and a program like no other. Understanding how the program works is fairly easy, the tools , commands and panels are very user friendly. Another thing I would like to mention is speed , steps done to achieve an effect or a graphic are lesser , which gives a time-saving advantage for the web/graphic designer.

And lastly when it comes to art as a visual representation , most tradionalists would consider using pencils or paint brushes , but now since we are in the digital age. A call for digital design tools are needed, and the answer?..... is fireworks


New Fireworks Tutorials


my deviantart portfolio - this is where i post my latest digital works , photographs and other conceptual designs. Deviantart is a huge community for artists of all sorts. If you're an art appreciator or an artist , then this site is for you.

fireworkszone - A huge collection of fireworks tutorials, downloads and articles . Be sure to check the news and links section, which is frequently updated.

fireworksguruforum - ask questions and you shall receive answers !. plus they have tutorials, fw articles, and a cool gallery section as well.

adobe - the official website of adobe fireworks, check out the software updates and the adobe fireworks forum.

ultraweaver - an ultra hip fireworks site with lots of downloadble goodies, check out the fireworks section of the forums.

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